Kuching Borneo… Orangutans, A Birthday And a heap of new Friends

>Kuching Borneo As my plane landed in Kuching Borneo I was full of excitement, its still one of those places that evoke images in your head of head hunters and deep jungle. A short taxi ride to my hostel Wo Jai Lodge Wo Jai Lodgea great little place on the main Bazaar looking out over the river and once settled in the obligatory walk around the town to see what I could see. WOW… this is amazing, real south east Asia food markets that over power your sense of smell, roads clogged with every type of vehicle, little vendors set up all along the Bazaar, I like it already. My two main ‘wants’ here are to spend my birthday with orang-utans and do an Iban longhouse tour, so my 2nd day was spent exploring the town a bit more in the morning and then out to Semengok Wild Life Park for the afternoon ( I had to pick a Buddhist holiday to go didn’t I). The place was packed, so many people, from what I had been told I expect 30 to 40 people and there was well over 150. The head ranger went crazy at everyone for making so much noise, threatening not to open the feeding area but then we were in… In the distance there were trees starting to move, the breaking of branches and then out he came, a young male, quicklyDSC_0173 followed by a mother and baby. Amazed is an understatement, with a huge smile on my face I started to snap a few shots (ended up taking over 350 in the hour). By 20 minutes into the feeding the crowd was getting very noisy again, the Malay and Chinese Tourist put on a terrible display of “Its all about me stuff every one else’ and the ranger closed down the feeding telling all to leave, but as we left he motioned for several of the westerners to stay where we were. That left 10 of us to stand there in awe of these beautiful creatures for the next 30 or so minutes. Continue reading