762 to Pai

762 corners Chiang Mai to Pai

Another stunning day greats me, hot again at 7am, up to my coffee shop for breakfast, then back to hostel and Tane, Loes, Brenda and me get into our mine bus to Pai. 120km takes 3.5hrs and the mini bus driver tried to do it in record time, I’m sure, tyres squealing every 2nd or 3rd corner, didnt even slow down when Brenda started throwing up. Tane slept for the trip, how I will NEVER understand, Brenda, she was not well, Loes looked after her and Issac and me got talking to Ollie , the English guy next to me. Continue reading

I’ve Come From The Mountains

Roof Top Taxi

Another early alarm call today, have to be in town by 7, so breakfast even earlier at a cafe in town, coffee eggs bacon lets go…we load up into 2 vehicals for the jorney out towards Mae Hong Son River. At a more sedate pace than my last trip over the mountains i was able to have a good look at the surounding jungle as or bus wove its wave up, down, left and right over mountain passes. We arrive at a little shop on the side of the road and its down to one 4×4 taxi, not enough room inside truck or the back for all. Some how Jay and me struck gold and ended up on top of the truck for the 10km journey to the river, carefree on the main road, once we were off it the driver would toot the horn for any dangers…. We had trees and power lines inches from our faces… was a blast… Continue reading