To Mulu and the Borneo cave mec

It was an early rise at Wod Ji Lodge for me, pack and meet the girls for our flight to Mulu National Park in the Bornean High country, all aboard in our taxi and we’re off ( Mags has the back pack from hell 23kg almost taller then her ). We’re all staying at differant places , so i check into the Nat Park 22person dorm with fear,Mushrooms in Bprneo..... Magic.... but its all good small rooms all joining, unpack and then head down to the girls home stay to catch up and work out whos doing what caving and treking…Wood fungus And Nick joins the group, another fair dinkum Aussie even though he’s a vegan ūüėČ , a new friend made. We decide a walk to the little waterfall is in need as we all want to get wet and cool down in the tropical rain forest. 15mins walk and we arive at a beautif little waterfall and all dive straight in…. yeah this is living. We all meet up for dinner at Nick, Denise and MAgs homestay, a wicked veggie rice with jungle greens and a cold tiger beer (well a few) and then home to bed for another early rise.
Out of bed early and meet Nick for our all day garden of Eden trek through deer cave, the 2nd biggest cave in the world and an Attinbough location…. stoked as….image611 6 of us and our guide set of for Deer Cave through the rain forest, all amped and awaiting the highlight of Mulu Nat Park. The enterance of the cave was jaw dropping, palm trees 100ft high and being dwalfed by the cave roof, and in we went, to the den of 5 million bats… Continue reading

Kuching Borneo… Orangutans, A Birthday And a heap of new Friends

>Kuching Borneo As my plane landed in Kuching Borneo I was full of excitement, its still one of those places that evoke images in your head of head hunters and deep jungle. A short taxi ride to my hostel Wo Jai Lodge Wo Jai Lodgea great little place on the main Bazaar looking out over the river and once settled in the obligatory walk around the town to see what I could see. WOW… this is amazing, real south east Asia food markets that over power your sense of smell, roads clogged with every type of vehicle, little vendors set up all along the Bazaar, I like it already. My two main ‘wants’ here are to spend my birthday with orang-utans and do an Iban longhouse tour, so my 2nd day was spent exploring the town a bit more in the morning and then out to Semengok Wild Life Park for the afternoon ( I had to pick a Buddhist holiday to go didn’t I). The place was packed, so many people, from what I had been told I expect 30 to 40 people and there was well over 150. The head ranger went crazy at everyone for making so much noise, threatening not to open the feeding area but then we were in… In the distance there were trees starting to move, the breaking of branches and then out he came, a young male, quicklyDSC_0173 followed by a mother and baby. Amazed is an understatement, with a huge smile on my face I started to snap a few shots (ended up taking over 350 in the hour). By 20 minutes into the feeding the crowd was getting very noisy again, the Malay and Chinese Tourist put on a terrible display of “Its all about me stuff every one else’ and the ranger closed down the feeding telling all to leave, but as we left he motioned for several of the westerners to stay where we were. That left 10 of us to stand there in awe of these beautiful creatures for the next 30 or so minutes. Continue reading

36hrs in Singapore

Down Town Singapore

every body takes this picture I know... Its a must

The Merlion Singapore Harbour

Well after 13hrs of travel via Melbourne I finally hit the financial hub of South East Asia, Singapore, ahhhh its so good to be back in the tropics… It’s only a whirl wind stop of 36hrs but going to see a bit around this famous island town before I leave… Changi Airport was a breeze out with backpack in about 20mins and on my way to [email protected] my hostel on King Gorge Ave, which was very nice as far as hostels go. Headed out that night in search of some Penang satays but couldn’t find any in the area so I settled for a frog hot pot (yes real frog) DELISIOUS! The next morning was up early due to the small amount of jet lag and the excitement of starting a new trip, time for a walk after breakfast and out I headed into the warm tropical morning… As I wandered in towards the city centre down Victoria Ave one thing hit me and that was the ‘newness’ of the city, scattered though out the brand new buildings are remnants of the old times, but the majority of the town is so modern its almost. funny, Tall straight buildings on the horizon, artsy shaped buildings on the sea front and one of the worlds most amazing hotels that almost seems to float on the bay I walked down Raffles Boulevard but a little to early for a ‘Singapore Sling’ later in the day I’ll be back I thought to myself Continue reading

Sawadee Karp

Well I learnt my¬†lesson¬†last year… fly into¬†Bangkok¬†one day to chill around the pool at my hotel on Khao San Road, then get out of Bangkok… After flying all night i get to the DD at 7:30 am… Tried, sweaty feeling like death,¬†I’m¬†hoping for at least a luguage room but get told “if you want you can check in now”… heaven on a stick… Wow room is deluxe…headed out for lunch to my fav bangkok resturant for chicken larp and rice… LOVELY!!!! home and up to the rooftop bar for a few quiet brews… nice… chill time…”one large¬†Chang¬†please”… book.. sun… beer… Big smile… the smells of Asia on the wind and as humid as hell . . . . Continue reading

Paradise Koh Tao

6:30 Laying in bed listening to tropical morning bird calls, already beautiful and warm, ok out of bed and ready… WHERE DO I GET COFFEE… shit!… oh well to late… Time to dive. We all meet up at Phoenix Dive, all four of us smiling like kids at xmas. Sort our gear and off to the long tail to get out to the main boat (small boat today). Continue reading

Advanced Relaxation

The Amazing Jimi Rockandroll and Tommy the Toyboy

I wake to a cloudy cool morning but am pretty pumped to be starting my 2nd dive course today, Advanced open water which will get me down to 30 mts… After a late breakfast I head to Phoenix dive once more to get ready and meet my new dive crew, Tommy is continuing on with me from the open water. 3 new divers to meet Agathe from France and Anders and Lena, a couple from Sweden, greating exchanged and its into the class room compas and computer theory then break for lunch… Continue reading

North to Chiang Mai

Well with Koh Tao behind me i board the bus in Bangkok to for the 12hr drive, i’m the only wester on the bus and get a few strange looks but just smile and say sawadee karp, Movie – Steven Segal in thai… I’m going to sleep…
I get off the bus in Chiang Mai at 6:30 am and get a tuk tuk to my hostel, Deejai’s Backpackers, Rob checked me in straight away and gave me a great welcome… very little sleep so a quick nap needed then back up and out the door for a wander around Chiang Mai. Its a hot sunny day in the mountains… so that means humidity, but I have to have a look at this famous city, temples, flower markets, the old city moat and wall, all beautiful. Continue reading

762 to Pai

762 corners Chiang Mai to Pai

Another stunning day greats me, hot again at 7am, up to my coffee shop for breakfast, then back to hostel and Tane, Loes, Brenda and me get into our mine bus to Pai. 120km takes 3.5hrs and the mini bus driver tried to do it in record time, I’m sure, tyres squealing every 2nd or 3rd corner, didnt even slow down when Brenda started throwing up. Tane slept for the trip, how I will NEVER understand, Brenda, she was not well, Loes looked after her and Issac and me got talking to Ollie , the English guy next to me. Continue reading

I’ve Come From The Mountains

Roof Top Taxi

Another early alarm call today, have to be in town by 7, so breakfast even earlier at a cafe in town, coffee eggs bacon lets go…we load up into 2 vehicals for the jorney out towards Mae Hong Son River. At a more sedate pace than my last trip over the mountains i was able to have a good look at the surounding jungle as or bus wove its wave up, down, left and right over mountain passes. We arrive at a little shop on the side of the road and its down to one 4×4 taxi, not enough room inside truck or the back for all. Some how Jay and me struck gold and ended up on top of the truck for the 10km journey to the river, carefree on the main road, once we were off it the driver would toot the horn for any dangers…. We had trees and power lines inches from our faces… was a blast… Continue reading

Tales from a tour bus…

I have been inspired by a friend to start a blog of my travels… My name is Simo, I’m a tour guide in Australia taking backpackers across the southern desert and south west of W.Aust… I love travel both world and domestic… this is my first go at blogging, so here we go….For the last 9 years I have been a tour guide for Nullarbor traveller tours, taking back packers around southern Australia, bush camping and¬†accommodated. The past 6 years have been spent driving across the Nullarbor Plain on 10day bush adventures, camping rough under the stars in some of the most isolated places in the world. Work consists of driving, surfing, swimming, some cooking, chilling in the sun on the beach and drinking beer around the¬†camp fire¬†at night with amazing people from all around the world (haha yeah sure). As you can probably understand…. I LOVE MY JOB! I do this incredibly hard work for 9 months a year and have 3 months off…. So what to do with three months with out work….? Well i have decided to see the world…. well as much as i can… So far Vietnem 2yrs ago and Thailand this year… And everything going right next year I’ll travel¬†Africa¬†with a friend Mel, from ‘the Mellyboo Project” a complete blogaholic and one of the craziest people i know…

If you want an idea of what i do for a living watch the vid below…