To Mulu and the Borneo cave mec

It was an early rise at Wod Ji Lodge for me, pack and meet the girls for our flight to Mulu National Park in the Bornean High country, all aboard in our taxi and we’re off ( Mags has the back pack from hell 23kg almost taller then her ). We’re all staying at differant places , so i check into the Nat Park 22person dorm with fear,Mushrooms in Bprneo..... Magic.... but its all good small rooms all joining, unpack and then head down to the girls home stay to catch up and work out whos doing what caving and treking…Wood fungus And Nick joins the group, another fair dinkum Aussie even though he’s a vegan 😉 , a new friend made. We decide a walk to the little waterfall is in need as we all want to get wet and cool down in the tropical rain forest. 15mins walk and we arive at a beautif little waterfall and all dive straight in…. yeah this is living. We all meet up for dinner at Nick, Denise and MAgs homestay, a wicked veggie rice with jungle greens and a cold tiger beer (well a few) and then home to bed for another early rise.
Out of bed early and meet Nick for our all day garden of Eden trek through deer cave, the 2nd biggest cave in the world and an Attinbough location…. stoked as….image611 6 of us and our guide set of for Deer Cave through the rain forest, all amped and awaiting the highlight of Mulu Nat Park. The enterance of the cave was jaw dropping, palm trees 100ft high and being dwalfed by the cave roof, and in we went, to the den of 5 million bats… All a grin with excitement, head lamps on, eyes following the light every where… AND THEN IT HITS YOU… the Amonia gas… OMG! As we walk through the cave following our guide my thought pattern is ‘David Attenbourgh was her… wow look at that…. OMG I’m going to be sick… David Attenbourgh was here’ you get the picture. As the cave continued on the air freshened up and so did the sightsbats clinging to the celing in black clous, cilindrical water falls, a cave that supposably you can fly a jumbo jet through and then the garden of eden, the exit of the cave a lust green view of tropical majisty. A swim through a river to get out of the cave (first test of my DSLR in my water proof bag…. phew all good)The Garden of Eden and then continue to trek up stream and into the mountains. A small isolated path to the right and up, up, up we go, covered in sweat, then the sound of a waterfall, no two, maybe three or four. We head down the slippery slop to an opening in the canopy and the most stunning lunch spot i’ve been to, lunch and its time to get wet, 2hrs of fun in the sun in the water, cliff jumping, swimming and just getting to know the others and then time to trek back down the mountain the river through the cave and home for a cold beer and dinner toghether.image600
Day two… hear we come, adventure caving time to get dirty, Nick, Denise, Mags and me all head off in the long tail boat down stream to Racer cave, named after the snake that lives in the caves… cool. Lights on and into the inky blackness we head, first thing we see is a racer snake, nice! We climb up some and then drop down step chasms to the bottom of the cave, just a wet rope to hole onto for a 30mt drop, saftly in Asia huh, and then walk though the cave system looking at everything around, loads of cave spiders and centrepedes, but alsa the cave formations here weren’t that good. An afternoon off awaites us all and we’reimage647 into the beers early and then after dinner a night walk through the jungle snakes, spiders everything that slithers and crawls is out, birds flap over head and strange noises come out of the moist night air. We get back to the park head quaters to people saying ‘ have you seen the viper?’ and there in the gazebo is the Bornaen red eyed green pit viper, this is the snake i so wanted to see and its hereimage649image646 where i’m staying, to good to be true. After a few more beers we decided to do our own night walk and wandered out into the night again… 2hrs later we return, amazing.
My last full day in Mulu was spent with Nick in the morning doing the canopy walk and watching the bat exodise from deer cave before a group dinner drinks and goodbyes, Denise me and Mags head off to KL tomorrow then go our seperate ways….