36hrs in Singapore

Down Town Singapore

every body takes this picture I know... Its a must

The Merlion Singapore Harbour

Well after 13hrs of travel via Melbourne I finally hit the financial hub of South East Asia, Singapore, ahhhh its so good to be back in the tropics… It’s only a whirl wind stop of 36hrs but going to see a bit around this famous island town before I leave… Changi Airport was a breeze out with backpack in about 20mins and on my way to [email protected] my hostel on King Gorge Ave, which was very nice as far as hostels go. Headed out that night in search of some Penang satays but couldn’t find any in the area so I settled for a frog hot pot (yes real frog) DELISIOUS! The next morning was up early due to the small amount of jet lag and the excitement of starting a new trip, time for a walk after breakfast and out I headed into the warm tropical morning… As I wandered in towards the city centre down Victoria Ave one thing hit me and that was the ‘newness’ of the city, scattered though out the brand new buildings are remnants of the old times, but the majority of the town is so modern its almost. funny, Tall straight buildings on the horizon, artsy shaped buildings on the sea front and one of the worlds most amazing hotels that almost seems to float on the bay I walked down Raffles Boulevard but a little to early for a ‘Singapore Sling’ later in the day I’ll be back I thought to myself and headed onwards to the true harbour and the obvious place to stop for a few pictures the Merlion of Singapore, and using elbows, knees and my height advantage over the throng of Japanese tourist took a few shots and
just loved the reflected light

just loved the reflected light

continued along the water front to the sky wheel now the largest in the world, very impressive. Then back to the hostel, time for a shower and change of clothes, the tropical humidity getting to me on day one. Street Art After lunch it was off to Clarke Quay and Robinson Quay and all the street art in the under passes was stunningly beautiful to wander through. Next the Boomerang Bar for a beer and some AFL (Australian Football, Adelaide vs Fremantle) in a bar full of Aussies, drinking with a couple from Perth we got to talking about Raffles and how I was heading back there after the match, they decided to join me, and it was off for a Singapore Sling. The original bar is closed to non guests so its upstairs to the long bar and an order of 3 Slings…. Ouch $33 singapore WHAT!!!! $99sing ($80aus) for 3 cocktails bloody hell, oh well we paid and enjoyed and said our goodbyes and back to the hostel after some dinner on the way home, an early start for me in the morning Borneo is calling…..
Raffels Hotel

Going home From Work



Double Mmmmmmm

Subway walk downtown

Riverside Singapore


Lots of Aussies

Riverfront Singapore