Advanced Relaxation

The Amazing Jimi Rockandroll and Tommy the Toyboy

I wake to a cloudy cool morning but am pretty pumped to be starting my 2nd dive course today, Advanced open water which will get me down to 30 mts… After a late breakfast I head to Phoenix dive once more to get ready and meet my new dive crew, Tommy is continuing on with me from the open water. 3 new divers to meet Agathe from France and Anders and Lena, a couple from Sweden, greating exchanged and its into the class room compas and computer theory then break for lunch… every day around luchtime a little old Burmese guy rocks up with home made samosa, you can smell them down the road as he gets nearer, 10tb (30cents) each and just totally amazing…
Then its all in the long tail (long boat for close in shore)and out to the big boat, large group today lots of dive groups, so there for lots of excitement on the boat. Every one talking with anticipation because the day had turned perfect, no wind ,bright sunshine and 2 great dive sights, Japanese Garden and Red rock, both down to 15mts. Japanese Garden was totally different experience this time, we went deeper and to a different area,

"Wreak Dive Only"

huge coral heads every where and sea urchins to numerous to count. Red rock was next and after a little training time for a little underwater exploring, Xavy (dive instructor) takes us into a cave… amazing… and then out the other side, a spotted blue ray scoots away and striped barracuda fill the water as we emerge. A short swim back to the boat and another amazing day of diving over and discussion take place on what to do that night. Its election day in Koh Tao… no alcohol is meant to be sold, on of the dive masters tells us he’s off to choppers they will be open all night, done that were we go, great night place was packed.
Its 2 dives the next morning so out of bed at 6:30… I’ve found out where to get coffee at this time of the day… 7/11… if you can call it coffee… oh well.. cant complain today is ‘the big day’ a 30mtr dive and a night dive tonight…. very pumped…

top deck of the big boat after diving

Into the dive centre and tommy calls out and high 5’s me… yep he’s just as pumped as me… The first dive is our deep dive and on a WW2 destroyer wreck, Xavy runs us through

Anti-aircraft Gun

everything we need but finishes his talk with “this is about enjoying yourself now, no more training so have fun”… to say it was amazing would be an understatement, as we ‘landed’ on the deck of the wreck I threw Xavy a salute, to which he turned on his head and saluted back… i just about spat out my regulator laughing. continuing around and over the edge of the wreak we go down to 29.5mtr and the thermocline is incredible (warm and cold water meeting, it goes cloudy) and damn cold…time to go up… and on to the next dive sight. once again this site, white rock, was amazing coral, fish etc…2 amazing dives done and its time to relax for the afternoon before dinner and night dive. We meet back at Phoenix at 5:30 load up and off we go, red rock again, Tank… check, Mask…. check, torch… check,….. Oi Tommy high 5 ‘slap’… fins on, reg in… SPLASH! what a totally different world at night, the colors are stinted until your torch hits them, fish sleeping, a lot more stingrays, shrimp every where and the odd barracuda… Group dinner and once again goodbyes to be said Agathe and her friend Clara leave for Samui tomorrow) but not before another trip to ‘The fishbowl” and tonight the Phoenix crew where in charge, awesome night fun and frivolity, we saw the sun come up as we all sat on the beach watching the day wake up… time to crawl onto my bed and sleep…
2 days later Tommy and me going for some fun dives in the morning, Champon Pinical and the Twins, both amazing dives and being able to look around was amazing, moray eels, stone fish, pipe fish, more spotted rays… i could go on but you get the idea… back on shore and I’m off to 7/11 and see Agathe… Big hugs “what are you doing back” “didnt like Samui so here we are, Carla is getting a tattoo, me next, come on you to” and that was that…

traditional bamboo tattoo

a couple of hour later we all walked out of the tattooist with brand new bamboo tattoos… didnt hurt a bit… in fact i had trouble not tapping my foot to the beats as he was doing it. It was dinner then up to Jimi Rockandroll’s place, a 4 story palace overlooking the bay, music, beer , fire twirling and a smoke or 2… i love the tropics, perect for our final night together, Tommy was heading home the next day and Agathe and Carla going west, i had one more day to relax, almost stayed on Koh Tao but my travels must continue….

Tommy Agathe and Carla on the Deck